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I hope you enjoy my photos here. They can be used as screensavers or desktop pictures - or you may even print them out! They are authentically stamped on the lower right hand corner with my personal signature. Display them for your private use proudly!

My photos here come in two sizes. One is suitable for a screensaver or desktop background and costs only $5.55. They generally are under 200K in size. The other, a much higher resolution, is suitable for printing and then framing. The sizes can range a bit larger, up to 1.5 megabytes in size. These cost only $9.34 (paypal tax included ;-) ). Artist's Proofs - meaning, the original full sized photograph are available by special order request only.

The Photo you must have! Click on it to get a better idea of how beautiful it is!
For your desktop
Large size
"13 on a vine."
This lovely photograph actually portrays 13 cherry tomatoes on a single vine! Taken in my 2nd bedroom on one New Year's day, one may see coleus and rosemary in the background. Some I saved for future planting and the others I ate! Yum!
There should be another picture here one fine day!

Please do not distribute the photographs to others as if they were an mp3 music file! No record company ;-) makes a profit from my pictures. All the payments go directly to the photographer (that's me!). Thanks!

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